Superman Lover 2 Deluxe Formula


Another powerhouse formula with herbs that rejuvenate the sexual system and organs.

Featured Herbs:

• Yohimbe - The most potent of plant-based aphrodisiacs

• Damiana Leaf - is used to treat headache, bedwetting, depression, nervous stomach, and constipation; for prevention and treatment of sexual problems; boosting and maintaining mental and physical stamina, and as an aphrodisiac.

• Ginger, Butchers Broom, Cayenne, Ginkgo, Clove Bud, White & Black Pepper Fruit, Horse Chestnut, & Cardamom Seed

This formula is high in zinc, B1,B12, D,E, 

Note: Herbalist Kevin Godbee, a.k.a. "The Peoples Herbalist", formulas are the propriety of Kevin Godbee and may contain ingredients not listed.

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