Muscle Builder Formula


The Muscle Builder Formula is an all-organic herbal organic formula created to naturally build lean strong muscle, fat reduction, improves workout, and recovery testosterone builder.

Featured Herbs: 

Yohimbe - Testosterone booster
Tongat Ali - Endurance builder
Tribulus - Energy Booster
Spirulina - High in natural protein 
Sarsaparilla - Natural Steroid, Lean Muscle, blood cleanser, performance enhancer
Muira Pauma - Testosterone Booster, Performance enhancer
Kola Nut - Energy Booster Weight Loss
Hemp Seed - Natural Protein
Licorice Root - Natural steroid, sports performance enhancer


Note: Herbalist Kevin Godbee, a.k.a. "The Peoples Herbalist", formulas are the propriety of Kevin Godbee and may contain ingredients not listed.

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